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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Online Advertising?
The Internet has created a new standard for consumer buying. Customers now want the flexibility to research and buy online. Most of internet users say they go online to research product information! It only makes sense for you to be online when customers are looking for your products and services.

How much cost to have business listing in SpeenDex USA?
Every business located in USA is entitled for FREE listing. For business required more exposure also SPONSORED LISTING and CATEGORY SPONSORED LISTING click here for more details...

Why SpeenDex USA?
The SpeenDex sites are the most detailed online directories in USA. You can expose your business to millions of visitors who look for business and product info through the SpeenDex network of web sites.

What is a Direct Link (URL Link)?
The Direct Link sends customers directly to your Web site from your SpeenDex business listing if you provided one for your business listing.

Key Benefits
- Provides a powerful call-to-action and sends traffic to your web site.
- Customers can access more info on your company when they are ready to buy, products or services.
- In the search results pages, your URL Link will rank your business higher than competitors with no links.

In how many categories can my business be listed?
Your business information will be listed in one category. To expedite the review process, try to pick the specific category that corresponds to the subject matter of your business.

How do I suggest a new category?
We welcome all suggestions for new categories! You can send your request to us of the parent category where you'd like the new category created. Due to the volume of requests and feedback, we may not be able to inform you of our decision. Contact us for new category suggestion.

Where do Adult oriented business get listed?
All adult oriented business are listed in the Night Life Entertainment category. Please do not submit adult oriented business to categories outside the Night Life Entertainment category. The SpeenDex has strict policies not to list these sites outside the Night Life Entertainment category. SpeenDex has tags to prevent child safe browsers from accessing that part of the business listings.

Why is there no description of my business?
We would like to have businesses provide descriptions for their own company.

What is the purpose of the Business Directory?
The purpose of the SpeenDex Business Directory is to provide a single comprehensive list of American businesses to internet users. The anticipated uses of the list are to provide:
- Americans with a means of finding potential businesses
- Businesses with a means of locating suppliers or potential business partners
- Potential entrepreneurs with an indication of the businesses currently in operation.

What if my business is classified incorrectly?
We have done our best to ensure that the category classifications are accurate, however, there will be errors. To correct the category classification for your business, open an account with us, and make necessary changes to your business listing at anytime. It is FREE.



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